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NoSQL and Data Scalability 2.0

NoSQL and Data Scalability 2.0 is now available for download, my latest DZone Refcard!

This Refcard introduces modern NoSQL and Data Scalability terminology and techniques and exhibits in-depth examples of popular NoSQL technologies, including architectures, common uses, and more. NoSQL and Data Scalability 2.0 demystifies the latest techniques in high-volume data storage, search, and management by explaining how they work and when to apply them.  It's a follow up to the original NoSQL and Data Scalability Refcard, one of the DZone most popular downloads.

NoSQL+DS 2.0 Contents

  • Scalable data architectures
  • Modern NoSQL
  • Cloud databases
  • Very high-volume data stores (HDF5, RData)
  • Document database example:  Couchbase
  • Graph database example:  Neo4j

The Scalability Quick Reference Library

NoSQL+DS 2.0 extends and complements the original Getting Started with NoSQL and Data Scalability (NoSQL+DA 1.0) content; it's not a rewrite.  Each of the NoSQL Refcardz provides a useful overview of the topic, with NoSQL+DS 1.0 offering basic information and NoSQL+DS 2.0 presenting more recent developments.

The complete Scalability Quick Reference Library is available from DZone:


Thanks to the helpful reviewers and advisers in the production NoSQL+DS 2.0:

Keep these references handy and...  cheers!

Written by Eugene Ciurana on Wednesday May 27, 2015
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