The Tesla Testament
Amazon best-seller December 2007!

Non-stop action. A vulnerable hero. A quest to save the world. The Tesla Testament is the most exciting novel of the decade.

Developing With Google App Engine

This book introduces development with Google App Engine, a platform that provides developers and users with infrastructure that Google itself uses for deploying their massively scalable applications.

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JavaZone 08 - Oslo, Norway

Son of SOA:
Event-Driven Computing in the Real World

Application development and deployment using SOA faces problems when organizational changes occur if the participating systems (service providers and consumers) are too tightly coupled. In SOA, messages and systems are inherently synchronous, promoting dependencies that filter to the organizational level.

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Resource-Oriented Computing solves system and application integration issues by leveraging ESB, domain-specific languages, and shared memory mechanisms for integrating coupling points, not the applications themselves, by promoting event-driven interactions between system components, and by creating logical mappings of resources such as data or computations that are abstracted from the physical manifestation of the system deployment.