The Tesla Testament
Amazon best-seller December 2007!

Non-stop action. A vulnerable hero. A quest to save the world. The Tesla Testament is the most exciting novel of the decade.

Developing With Google App Engine

This book introduces development with Google App Engine, a platform that provides developers and users with infrastructure that Google itself uses for deploying their massively scalable applications.

Member of The Internet Defense League

MapReduce Part II and the Dioscuri Project

Build a MapReduce system using the same off-the-shelf, robust, open-source components already running at your company and that your engineering team already mastered. Do you want to quickly implement large indexing jobs, protein folding software, or financial trend analysis? Build a MapReduce system with tools that already exist in your production clusters!

There are two articles about MapReduce out in the wild now, with a third one coming soon:

This MapReduce implementation was the foundation of the open-source Dioscuri Project. The project is now defunct because it made more sense to support Hadoop instead.