The Tesla Testament
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Non-stop action. A vulnerable hero. A quest to save the world. The Tesla Testament is the most exciting novel of the decade.

Developing With Google App Engine

This book introduces development with Google App Engine, a platform that provides developers and users with infrastructure that Google itself uses for deploying their massively scalable applications.

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Nonlethal Weapons

What are nonlethals?

I've been involved with the people who created the concept of nonlethal weapons for a few years.  Nonlethal weapons, or simply nonlethals, are a class of weapons that are used for disabling an enemy's capabilities with minimum collateral damage or loss of life.  The goal of military nonlethal technologies is to provide a range of options between diplomacy and an armed attack, a "force continuum" that will help the groups in conflict prevent needless loss of life or infrastructure by providing options that will prevent an all out armed conflict.  An example would be a technology that will disable the electrical systems in all the tanks of an enemy army.  They won't fight a war if they can't start their vehicles!  The idea is to force an opponent to go back to the negotiating table rather than fight.

I participated in a number of nonlethal technologies and activities for some time. As a result, I wound up writing a few articles, consulting, and engaging in public speaking on this topic.  I had a chance to share my views about information warfare and to participate in such events as the Department of State's Force Protection Equipment Demonstrations in recent years.  The links below will give you additional information about my involvement in nonlethal technologies and general public education.

OMNI Magazine

"Pick your poison.  From genetically engineered bacteria that feast on aircraft to psycho-corrective devices that brainwash soldiers with a simple hum, the newest weapons are putting a gentler face on the violence of war and the dangerous job of law enforcement." -- that's the introduction to my feature article The Nonlethal Weapons Catalog, published in OMNI Magazine.

Television, radio, and other media

My views on nonlethals have often been presented in the following venues: