The Tesla Testament
Amazon best-seller December 2007!

Non-stop action. A vulnerable hero. A quest to save the world. The Tesla Testament is the most exciting novel of the decade.

Developing With Google App Engine

This book introduces development with Google App Engine, a platform that provides developers and users with infrastructure that Google itself uses for deploying their massively scalable applications.

Member of The Internet Defense League

TSSJS is only conference focused on enterprise Java in the world. In its fifth year, it was hosted at The Venetian in Las Vegas on 21 - 23 March, and at the Princesa Sofía Hotel in Barcelona, Spain, on 27 - 29 June. Several Java industry leaders came to share their experience and knowledge in enterprise Java and related technologies.

This year I offered a presentation about enterprise application mashups, learned a lot from the other sessions, and had a chance to interact (and party!) with some of the coolest people working in Java worldwide.

BOF Session ESB HOWTO: From Software Selection to Mission-Critical Application Deployment

This HOWTO is based on the speaker's experiences deploying Mule at the largest educational toy company in the United States and at the largest company in the world. Topics covered: How do you select an ESB? As a developer, how do you start working with it? How do you integrate it with Spring and other frameworks? Define the business and technology requirements, compare the characteristics of several ESBs (commercial and open-source), overview of the ESB architecture, and participate in the hands-on development workshop.

Presentation downloads:

Keynote format (.zip) - 484 KB
Acrobat PDF format - 372 KB
ESB functional features comparison spreadsheet (Excel) - 20 KB
ESB functional features comparison spreadsheet (PDF) - 68 KB

Enterprise Application Mashup: Architecting the Future v2.0

v2.0 is a revamped presentation with new, more detailed content about implementation than the version shown at TSSJS Las Vegas.

Cost-conscious Fortune 100 companies demand More, Fast, Cheap and Now. IT vendors see this as a chance to sell their wares and lock the customer in. Programming jobs with low ROI are outsourced overseas. Companies must come up with the new applications that the business demand and balance costs, leverage open-source technologies, and decide between vendors' offerings. This case study presents how a large enterprise defined its technology strategy for the next five years by defying conventional wisdom to discard outdated policies toward open-source, embrace upstart open-source technologies like Mule ESB, Codehaus Xfire, Terracotta DSO, the Java 6 and 7 technology road map, and JSF, adopt best-of-breed commercial applications, and shift its strategy from custom coding to smart coding and integration.

Presentation downloads:

Keynote format (.zip) - 1.7 MB
Acrobat PDF format - 4.0 MB

Fun Things from Barcelona!

Lots of things happened during after hours: met awesome people, saw beautiful views, and enjoyed delicious Catalonian food... too many cool things to even list!

Fun Things from Las Vegas!

Rita Rudner photo I had a chance to finally relax on Saturday, the day after the conference. Several attendees and speakers were around as well... finally time to enjoy Las Vegas! While I'd been going out every night of the conference, there was always the pressure of having to return to my room at a reasonable hour, given the obligations of the following day. Saturday night, however, was a great time to go see Rita Rudner's show at Harrah's (she r00lz!). I got to hang out with her for a bit before the show, then had 90-minutes of non-stop laughter when she performed. That was a great evening! The follow up was a nice dinner and dancing at Tao, allegedly the hottest spot in Las Vegas at these days. As a sushi snob, I'd say that Tao was just all right. An overall 8/10, a few of the dishes stood out (Kobe beef sashimi, tempura ponzu peppers) but the sushi was mostly blah. Someone needs to tell their itamaes to add more kombu and more sake to the sushi rice (well, someone actually did...). Tao was loads of fun, more for the people watching, the music, and the décor than for the quality of the food. Yes, the security staff can be on the wrong side of assholish, but that's easy to fix: make reservations with The Venetian concierge prior instead of just showing up. Very different level of service when you show up. If you're in the mood for glitz, this is a good place to go.