The Tesla Testament
Amazon best-seller December 2007!

Non-stop action. A vulnerable hero. A quest to save the world. The Tesla Testament is the most exciting novel of the decade.

Developing With Google App Engine

This book introduces development with Google App Engine, a platform that provides developers and users with infrastructure that Google itself uses for deploying their massively scalable applications.

Member of The Internet Defense League

JavaZone 2007, Oslo

From Software Selection
to Mission-Critical Deployment

What do you need to know for selecting an appropriate ESB? Once you pick one, how do you install, setup, develop, deploy, and maintain aplications?
12.09.2007, 1300 - 1400 hours, gate 3, Se side 34, Spektrum Arena.

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12.09.2007 - Day One

The conference opening was like... Wow! Great opening for the show. Of course I forgot to get my badge yesterday after the speakers dinner, so I had to sneak into the Spektrum Arena and figure out how to register. Everything was taken care of by 0830... in time to catch Rammstein's performance. Just the kind of thing you want to have for breakfast.